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Patient and knowledgeable, owner and Mac expert Ark Lemal brings over 30 years experience to your business or home. He'll help you understand and get the most from cloud services, think through your best backup strategies, help you work smarter with your Mac, iPad & iPhone. With no Official Apple Store in the whole state of Vermont, it is good to know you can take your in-warrantee hardware repairs to Ark, and have them serviced by an Apple Authorized Service Department and keep your AppleCare intact.

Solid State Drives vs. Hard Drives

An SSD is an amazing way to breathe new life into an old Mac. Compared to your spinning hard drive, an SSD drive is:

  • Faster: up to 90x the speed of your current drive. 
  • More durable: No moving parts, no head hovering 100th the width of a human hair above your data that is zipping by at 5k-7k RPMs.
  • Quieter: No moving parts! It's silent.
  • More energy efficient: An SSD uses about a third the power of a hard drive.
  • Lighter: SSDs are about 1 tenth the weight of a hard drive.
  • Cooler: SSDs run cooler, which is better for your laptop!

Replace your current hard drive, or even replace the optical drive and configure both your hard drives as a Fusion Drive if you aren't using that DVD burner anymore. Here's an inexpensive, but very highly rated SSD from Crucial - one of the first manufacturers in the field to have SSD drives: