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Patient and knowledgeable, owner and Mac expert Ark Lemal brings over 30 years experience to your business or home. He'll help you understand and get the most from cloud services, think through your best backup strategies, help you work smarter with your Mac, iPad & iPhone. With no Official Apple Store in the whole state of Vermont, it is good to know you can take your in-warrantee hardware repairs to Ark, and have them serviced by an Apple Authorized Service Department and keep your AppleCare intact.

M acBook Pro

MacBook Pro


"In the past, the prospect of hiring a computer tech person to come to my home is often met with concern--pondering the unknown expense of doing so. However, I recently hired Ark to attend to a mix of problems. My worries immediately disappeared. Ark worked amazingly fast and even solved other problems, made adjustments to some ineffectual settings,  simultaneously. He is friendly and extremely knowledgable and has the ability to work on a broad spectrum of issues. He solved all my issues fast which gave me the opportunity to get a few other things done outside of the most critical. Money very well spent and I can move forward knowing that my computer and my back up system is operating at it's maximum potential."  -A customer in Cornwall

Local Onsite* or Remote Access

*No travel time is charged if within 1/2 hour drive of Burlington, VT.

One hour minimum charge for Oniste, 15 minute minimum for Remote Access. 

Longer distances will be billed at the onsite rate one-way.



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