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Patient and knowledgeable, owner and Mac expert Ark Lemal brings over 30 years experience to your business or home. He'll help you understand and get the most from cloud services, think through your best backup strategies, help you work smarter with your Mac, iPad & iPhone. With no Official Apple Store in the whole state of Vermont, it is good to know you can take your in-warrantee hardware repairs to Ark, and have them serviced by an Apple Authorized Service Department and keep your AppleCare intact.

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Angela in Cornwall says:

In the past, the prospect of hiring a computer tech person to come to my home is often met with concern--pondering the unknown expense of doing so. However, I recently hired Ark to attend to a mix of problems. My worries immediately disappeared. Ark worked amazingly fast and even solved other problems, made adjustments to some ineffectual settings, simultaneously. He is friendly and extremely knowledgable and has the ability to work on a broad spectrum of issues. He solved all my issues fast which gave me the opportunity to get a few other things done outside of the most critical. Money very well spent and I can move forward knowing that my computer and my back up system is operating at it's maximum potential.

Jane in Hinesburg says:

CLEAR AND PATIENT SHOULD BE HIS MOTTO - what a relief and delight to find not only does Ark Lemal, the MacMedic, get back to you immediately, but he solves your Mac problems with patience, clarity of instruction and great good humor - traits which are superlative and highly unusual in the teaching of home computer use. Ark has helped make using my computer clear and amazingly logical. He makes the Mac computer world more consumer friendly than it already is!


Ann in Ferrisburg says:


Ark really gets it. He gets how busy I am, how many things I am trying to accomplish, how big my dreams and how much my dreams depend on my Mac working perfectly every day, all day. When he comes to help, he not only quietly and quickly solves the computer's problems he brings my blood pressure down just by his peaceful presence. 


Doug in Vergennes says:


I sincerely appreciate how quickly Ark returns my calls and how obviously efficient his work is. I have brought my computer several times to his office and so have had the chance to witness how quickly he can solve a problem. Obviously, when paying by the hour, this speed and efficiency is most appreciated. I have had experience with other consultants over the years and had frustrations with "fixes" that didn't work. I have never had a problem with Ark's work and I look no further for the help that I need.


Pam in Vergennes says:


Ark!! You da man!!! Thanks SO much. You've saved me much time and effort (not to say money.) You are not just the MacMedic, you are the MacHero.


Murray in Jericho says: 


Having access to MacMedic for my Mac questions is like never having to go to the doctor or hospital... Ark is always just a quick speed dial away. Can you imagine getting quick answers to your health care questions over the phone?  I love calling Ark, because he makes my questions valid, gives sure fire solutions and almost makes me feel like I know what I am doing!  If only I could get such quick friendly service from my health care provider!


Deb in Vergennes says:


What a pleasure to know Ark Lemal and to be able to call him with questions and problems and quirks and ideas both great and small for he responds with skill and patience and creativity every time. How he knows what he knows is beyond me but thank heavens he does!


Anne in Burlington says:


I'm having SO MUCH FUN exploring everything. It's hard to get any real work done. Thanks ever so much for a fine job. I'm learning my way around, thanks to your excellent explanations and demonstrations.


Ed in New Haven says:


I am happy to say you keep us going in [our] household.  Everything from wireless hub set up to iPods to major computer maintenance.  I have tried other support services.  No one can touch you.


Vicki in Williston says:


I'm just blown out of the water by this computer!  THANK YOU so much for your good humor, patience, and help in making this come true. Many, many thanks, Your fan, -Vicki


Irv in South Burlington says:


My wife and I are owners of two Macintoshes and have been fortunate in finding a “doctor” who actually makes house calls!  We are retired and use our Macs for a variety of activities, including Excel and Quicken for financial records and checks, Photoshop, Email, WEB searches, Macintax, family archives, creative writings, conversion of analog music and VHS files to digital, iMovie, burning CD’s, iTunes, Sound Studio, Epson Scanner, and so on.  

When we moved to VT in 1999 we had need for some new equipment and for some problem-solving with regard to both hardware and software, so we contacted Small Dog Electronics (great outfit, by the way) for the required purchases and a couple of repairs.  When we asked for some help regarding purchasing, configuring and using software they recommended Ark and his MacMedic enterprise.

That began a long relationship for which we have had only the most positive outcomes.

First, with regard to Ark’s persona:  He is a soft and considerate and articulate and knowledgeable and ethical and helpful and talented and happy person who has gained our love and respect over the years.

Second, with regard to computer emergencies:  Everyone knows that sinking feeling when a computer has crashed.  With MacMedic one need only make the phone call.  Ark will do some band-aiding over the phone, if appropriate, and make a house call to solve the problem. As with all computer users, we have had many opportunities to employ him for problem-solving, always with timely and positive results.

Third, with regard to house calls: Our assemblage of equipment -- including scanners, printer, tower, monitor, MobilPre, speakers, Linksys to interface our two computers, Wacom tablet, Lexar and SanDisk card readers — is such a jumble of wires that it would be virtually impossible to extricate the G4 for outside repair, and so we would pay anything, anything, to have work done on the premises.  (Ark, don’t take this “anything” literally!)

Fourth, with regard to hardware:  Ark has, on a number of occasions, made recommendations for purchases, has located best sources on the web, and has made purchases for me while at my computer.   Examples include a new CD/DVD burner (which he also installed during a later visit), Keystation, MobilPre, Formac, Linksys and a second high-capacity hard drive).

Fifth, with regard to software:  Ark has an incredible working knowledge of all sorts of software, and he has given us many  lessons on use of same, including Photoshop (where he also is a leader of a local Photoshop work group which meets once a month), various upgrades, and back-up software. For example, I happen to have some archival files in MacWrite which Ark has helped me to reformat into a contemporary language, and so on.  He has a knack for ensuring that various software packages are compatible with other software on the computer — no small task.  He also has a gift for educating even a very slow-learner in the “how-to’s”...

Sixth, with regard to helping me to help others:  I had occasion to donate my old G3 to a Sudanese refugee, and Ark made a house call with me to set up the computer/printer/Email/WEB arrangements at the student’s apartment.

In sum, we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to use the excellent services of Ark Lemal. It is amazing how he is able to keep up with the rapid changes occurring in both the hardware and software realms, and how he is able to translate this frontier knowledge into his “medical” practice.  We appreciate his talents so much that we might, if forced, even extricate our G4 for a visit to his clinic!  (Ark, don’t take this literally).