Mac IT

Vermont's On-Demand IT Department

Patient and knowledgeable, owner and Mac expert Ark Lemal brings over 30 years experience to your business or home. He'll help you understand and get the most from cloud services, think through your best backup strategies, help you work smarter with your Mac, iPad & iPhone. With no Official Apple Store in the whole state of Vermont, it is good to know you can take your in-warrantee hardware repairs to Ark, and have them serviced by an Apple Authorized Service Department and keep your AppleCare intact.

Put yourself on the map!

Put yourself on the map!

Located in Chittenden County Vermont, MacIT is the place to turn to for friendly, helpful Mac support. Owner and Mac expert, Ark Lemal has over 30 years experience with Macs and numerous authorized Apple certifications.

Mac Owners from all walks of life benefit from MacIT’s friendly professional in-home service, relieving frustration and awakening enthusiasm about your Mac’s potential in your hands. With patience and clear, easy to understand explanations you will come away with a deeper enjoyment of your digital lifestyle.

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Small businesses needn’t endure the expense of having their own IT department. With MacIT, you can have your most sophisticated IT needs met in a timely, personal and professional manner. 

Get more value from your IT investment.

Not simply a reaction-based model where you get great Mac support when things go awry, but proactive, holistic, ongoing preventative maintenance, network monitoring, & backup tracking so problems and obstacles are avoided before they cost you downtime or lost productivity.

As your company grows and changes, let MacIT plan a migration strategy that makes the best use of your existing resources and places new resources where they will be most effective.

MacIT Offers:

  • Offsite remote management

  • Onsite, full service Mac consulting

  • Reliable backup strategies

  • Site auditing: Reviewing architecture, security, backups, workflow, network efficiency, & documentation

  • Troubleshooting

  • Mac Hardware and software repair

  • Networking

  • Creative, informed solutions

  • Product consultation & purchasing support

  • A virtual IT department at a fraction of the price of doing it in-house.