Mac IT

Vermont's On-Demand IT Department

Patient and knowledgeable, owner and Mac expert Ark Lemal brings over 30 years experience to your business or home. He'll help you understand and get the most from cloud services, think through your best backup strategies, help you work smarter with your Mac, iPad & iPhone. With no Official Apple Store in the whole state of Vermont, it is good to know you can take your in-warrantee hardware repairs to Ark, and have them serviced by an Apple Authorized Service Department and keep your AppleCare intact.

What to do with your old gadgets? is a great place to get a quote for your used gadgets. They will lock in their offer for a month, and only change it if the gadget shows up at a different quality level than you reported - including giving you more if you undervalued it! Also, they assure you that your data is securely wiped, and if your device isn't worth anything, they will securely wipe it, then responsibly recycle it for you at no cost to you.

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